Oregon's premier 100% women-owned painting company. Specializing in interior and exterior residential painting.
  • Sisu Painting - Interior Living Space
  • Sisu Painting - Exterior Painting Two Story House Side View
  • Sisu Painting - Refurbished Kitchen Cabinets
  • Sisu Painting - Beach House
  • Sisu Painting - Exterior House Front Facade
  • Sisu Painting - Interior Dining Room Detail
  • Sisu Painting - Exterior Town Houses facade
  • Sisu Painting - Exterior House With Large Front Porch
Sisu (pronounced si’-soo) is a Finnish term describing strength, determination, tenacity, courage and grit. One possessing Sisu will make sure a job is well done, no matter what it takes. My Finnish father called it “intestinal fortitude” and to us, Sisu perfectly embodies the virtues and values upon which we have built our company!

Tough as nails and not afraid to break one!
• 5711 SW Arctic Drive, Beaverton, OR 97005
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